About us

The Latinx Parents for Change Project uses theoretical and practical tools for parents to reflect on their current realities, gain transferable skills, exchange knowledge and share practices as a community to take collective action towards a more inclusive and accessible school system. 


In an effort to reduce drop-out rates and systemic barriers, the Parent Ambassador Program (PAP) offered 32 hours of training on topics including: Canadian political system, school governance, leadership, parental involvement, special education, equity and social justice. Once training was completed, parents/caregivers were encouraged to implement their learnings back in their communities.


Successful learnings have been demonstrated by parents/caregivers joining school councils, delivering training's in their communities and/or actively engaging other parents in their children’s education.

This project is supported by the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) and the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TDSB) and is funded by the City of Toronto and Access and Equity Human Rights Investment Funding Program (AEHR). 

Our Goals

  • To provide Latinx parents/caregivers with tools and resources to better support and advocate for their children’s educational success

  • To promote Latinx parents'/caregivers' participation in school councils and/or parent involvement committees

  • To encourage parents/caregivers to increase and enhance their participation in their children’s education plans and goals

  • To foster the development of local and informal parent-based networks in each participating school (peer to peer support, informal interpretation from parents to parents etc.)

  • To provide Latinx parents/caregivers with an in-depth understanding of the education system in Ontario and its impact on their children’s education.