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About Us

About the Parent Ambassador Project 


Our Model 


The ambassador model is grounded in community care principles. It focuses on enhancing caregivers' and parents' leadership skills and understanding of the education system including school governance, parental engagement, special education, anti-racism, anti-Black racism, equity, and social justice within schooling.

The training offers learning tools and resources to reflect on their current realities, gain transferable skills, exchange knowledge and experiences, and share practices of action and solidarity towards a more inclusive and accessible school system. 

What does the ambassador model do?


  • Build relationships with other families

  • Deconstruct realities and build capacity

  • Reflection to action approach to engagement

  • Connect families with resources & tools for meaningful parent engagement 

Our Mission

The Training 

   PAP offers 21 hours of training on topics including:

  • Equity conversations related to COVID19 and curriculum

  • Racial literacy, special education and academic streaming

  • Challenges faced by racialized students

  • Overcoming challenges 

  • Collective care and solidarity

  • Community organizing 

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Once training is completed, parents/caregivers are encouraged to implement their learnings back in their communities. Successful learnings have been demonstrated by parents/caregivers joining school councils, delivering training in their communities and/or actively engaging other parents in their children’s education.

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